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American Harvest invites you to become one of our "Family of Artists".  We are looking for people with extraordinary talent in all categories.  This will be a juried process in two steps.  Email photos are being accepted until June 15, 2008.  Please email your information to

Artists that are accepted will be debuted at our Halloween Party on August 16, 2008. 

Step 1.  All applications must include the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • email address
  • web site, blog or Etsy Shop
  • Wholesale pricing for each piece
  • You may include a brief biography and description of your work if you feel this would be beneficial.

Each applicant will be juried and contacted by email at the end of the first step.

Step 2.  Those selected after step 1 will then be asked to submit actual samples of their work by mail.  These samples must include appropriate return postage if you would like your samples returned to you.

We know that there is incredible talent waiting to be promoted by American Harvest and we are looking forward to viewing the "best of the best".

Sharon and Rodger
American Harvest


Beautiful summer weather has hit California and American Harvest was ready with Summer Fun items.

We carry a variety of wood signs that can be personalized.  Beach themed signs and golf signs are our best sellers.


Vintage wool bathing suits hang in our front window display.  The two vintage "boing boing" chairs add to summer relaxation.


How more American can you get than hot dogs and baseball in the summer?  We have 2 vintage boy’s baseball uniforms and many gloves for sale.  Marbles and other vintage toys grace the window display.


Here is a sweet garden angel.  Can’t you just picture her in your yard?


The writing desk and bench pictured above was sold the day we brought it in!  It was a great find!


June is just around the corner and we carry a nice line of wedding toppers and wedding decorations.


As always, we have an extensive line of collage art.  Clever "dialogue" sets these two apart.


Baby pin cushions that are made with vintage materials are a must have item for the new mom!


Lisa Kaus originals and prints are a summertime favorite at American Harvest.


Here’s a brand new product for us at AH….wine bottle stoppers.  The Livermore Valley Wine Region has great boutique wineries that receive international awards.  These great bottle stoppers are made with vintage door knobs, golf balls and billiard balls.  A perfect gift for Father’s Day along with a bottle of wine from the Livermore Valley Wine Region.


We also carry wonderful antique and collectible items, such as these two pretty tea cups.


Craig Yenke’s animals are completely handmade by the artist and are very collectible.  There are only a small handful of stores in the USA that carry his creations.

In the background…a collage made with a French fashion plate and vintage photo frame.  The transferware casserole dish is a great find in its near perfect condition. 

Stop by the shop or email us if any of these treasures entice you!  We are always happy to assist our wonderful customers in person or on the internet.  Many of these items are listed on our website’s shop section.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 925-485-1577.  We’d love to talk with you.



I grew up surrounded by art…



I can never remember a time in my life when our home was not filled with sketch books, brushes, easels, watercolor paper, and the smell of oil paint on canvas.


You see, my mother is a painter, a watercolorist…an artist.


As a little girl, my mom was confined to her bed with a long illness.  In those days, what was a kid to do?  There were no videos, no X-boxes, barely TV! 


Her love of drawing and art began with pencil and paper.


I remember as a child proudly showing my mom a picture I had "colored" in school.  She was always encouraging to me, but also added, "Sharon, you know the sky can be yellow or pink or gray or even purple."


"The sky isn’t always blue."


This statement expanded my world of creativity and opened my thought process to "think outside the box".


I always knew my mom had a special talent.


None of my friends’ moms were featured at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, gallery openings, art exhibits in New York City or one-woman-shows.  Their moms didn’t have piles of blue ribbons haphazardly pinned to a bulletin board shoved in the corner of an art studio.


My mom’s circle of friends included potters, abstract painters, metal sculptors, batik artists, oil painters, and other watercolorists.


Today, new friends that have come into her life, all share the same passion for art.


I am so fortunate to have a career where I continue to be surrounded by incredible art in a variety of forms.  American Harvest continues to search out new talented artists to showcase in our shop.


At American Harvest, our "family" includes paper mache artists, doll artists, jewelry sculptors, mixed media and collage artists.


Thanks Mom for opening my eyes to the world of art and for reminding me that the sky isn’t limited to blue.  Happy Mother’s Day!

(Please do not copy or reproduce any of the art work shown in this post.  All of my mother’s paintings are copyrighted and cannot be used without her written permission.  Thank you.)


I love a beautiful yard, however I know nothing about gardening.  I really don’t like to work in the yard either.  My father was a meticulous rose gardener.  So when Rodger and I moved to our present home, I decided that I wanted lots of roses.

The pale pink climbing rose bush sat in a bucket for two years before I got Rodger to plant it.  The bush was almost dead, but this year it is alive and blooming profusely.  The ivy is planted on the other side of our back fence, and does a nice job of adding color and texture to our yard.  I love old garden ornaments and mossy statues that show their age.


This rose is called a "Double Delight" and is by far the easiest rose to grow.  I can even grow it!!!  It blooms like crazy and the blooms are enormous. 


This is perhaps my favorite rose, "Princess Diana".


I am a pink girl.  I love everything pink including my front and back yards.  However, just to add a little spice and whimsy, I planted this delicate yellow rose.


Not only do I love roses for their blooms, but I love their leaves.  This variety has pink edged leaves.  I cannot wait for the flowers to open.


I took this picture in the early morning as the sun was just beginning to caress the roses.


This white rose is lightly trimmed with pink.


I really have no clue as to rose gardening.  When I prune, I can hear my father yelling from heaven, "Sharon, NOT LIKE THAT…You should have paid attention!"  He would be happy to see that I have his love for roses.


Rodger and I grow other flowering plants too.  Just don’t ask me for their names, I cannot remember!  This gorgeous plant climbs on the north fence in my yard.


Bright pink flowers welcome spring.  (I think this bush is the culprit to my allergy problems.)


This plant has the largest lavender flowers that I’ve seen.  Bumblebees love this one!  It blooms almost year round.


This nice little ground cover has pin cushion like blooms.  Sadie, my English Springer Spaniel, loves this plant.  She doesn’t eat it, but she does like to rub her face in the foliage.  She is such a "girlie" dog!

I am pleased that my garden blooms in spite of my lack of gardening abilities.