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    All of us at American Harvest have been working nonstop in our preparations for Christmas 2009.  I have been creating many vintage inspired holiday decorations, Rodger has been refinishing antiques, April is placing final details on our office themed decor, Jan is creating fabulous paper ornaments, and  Laura is doing some last minute pricing and keeping us fed with her scrumptious sconces (thank goodness for our working bees).  Our Christmas Open House is so close that I can almost hear reindeer prancing on the roof!

So here is a sneak peek at a few of the items that we will bring into the store soon.

P1010001 Vintage Santas waiting patiently to be placed in their displays.

P1010003 Vintage Junior Snow Patrol Skis, perfect gift for your cabin.

Vintage Christmas ornaments just waiting to be hung on the tree.

Fun books for all ages.

One of Sharon's creations made with vintage materials.

Here is an antique purse and vintage hat, a little German doll is peeking underneath.

He is getting ready too… be good for goodness sake!

The 13th Annual Christmas Open House at American Harvest

Saturday, November 7th   10-5pm

Sunday, November 8th      11-5pm

We will be closed from November 2-6 to prepare for the Open House.


Hi everyone, this is Rodger posting today instead of Sharon.  She has no part in this one!!!!

All of you know that we love Disneyland.  While we were there this past Saturday, my worst nightmare came true.  I know that many of you LOVE the "It's a Small World" ride, but I am not a big fan of that ride.  You LOVE the sweet little dolls that sing incessantly as you slowly travel down the canal.


But it happened, horrors of horrors!!!  The ride broke down, yes with me in the boat next to those dolls that sing and sing and sing!!!!!  Their DARLING little faces glaring down at me as they continued to sing over and over and over…."It's a world of hope…..It's a Small World after all, It's a Small World after all, It's a Small World after all, It's a Small, Small World."


This is where it all happened!  These "Chuckie" like dolls singing and glaring, singing and glaring at me.  We were stuck on the ride for 40 minutes, not moving at all.  The dolls continued to sing and glare at me.  Finally, an announcement, "we are working on the ride and it should be up and running shortly"….Shortly…what does that mean, get me out of here!  After the announcement was made, I incorrectly assumed that they would turn off the music and the dolls.  NO, the music volume increased.  After awhile, a cast member told us to "just sit tight" they were still working on getting the ride up and running.  I thought I would die!  The children in the boat behind us sat there loving every one of those long dreaded 40 minutes.


This son thought it was funny to see me in such torturous pain and agony!!


This daughter-in-law never complains and yet she was getting irritated.  

This son and daughter-in-law expressed my grief and complete disbelief that we would be saved from the singing.  Finally, the music was turned off and what did we hear?  The clicking, clicking and more clicking of dolls with their sweet little faces beaming at me, scaring the life right out of me!  And believe it or not, we continued to sit there helpless in this Twilight Zone.  My ears were literally bleeding…LITERALLY.  Finally, the ride started back up, we were saved.  I made a statement…."I will NEVER go on that ride again"…..well I probably will, but not for a very long, long time.  Now to get that song out of my head, what can I do?


Looking out my kitchen window this morning I saw a gray sky with the threat of rain.  Then I saw the promise.  What a great gift right there in my backyard.