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Game time everyone!   What do you see and where am I?  Send me an email with your answers….there might be a prize in store for you!  Just be first to send me an email with the correct answers.  So here we go….

Picture #1…Where Am I?

Picture #2…What’s going on here and where am I?

Picture #3…Who are these two beauties?

Picture #4…Where am I?  Please be very specific.  Hint:  Look at the top right and top left corners of this picture.

Picture #5…What do you see?

Picture #6…What do you see?  A bonus point if you know the location!!!

Picture #7…Who am I?

Picture #8…Who am I? What musical instrument do I play?  Hint:  it is the same instrument that Rodger plays!

Picture #9…You surely know who I am, but why am I walking so fast?

Picture #10…Who’s the leader of the club, that’s made for you and me?

Need a little help????? click on this link for help and some fun!!!! You may see an advertisement first, just be patient!

You have only until Wednesday, May 26, 2010 to answer these pressing questions!


With summer right around the corner, American Harvest is ready for the beach scene!  The store has taken on a lighter look and we are ready for some fun!  You will find great shells, vintage beach chairs, bouys, life rings, fishing nets and fabulous signs.  It doesn’t matter if you have a beach home or not, it is always fun to add a little summer sizzle to your decorating.  Come on in and check out the latest, unique goodies at American Harvest.

A vintage beach chair and beautiful mermaid tags

Bird Bath filled with a variety of shells

Susan’s beach doll

American Harvest’s office decked out for summer!

Customized wood sign, you can have your favorite beach name put on any of our signs.

This inviting window exclaims, “Come in, we are ready for summer fun!”

A soft, white look in our store.

This sign can also be customized for you!

A cozy pillow for your beach chair.

Fishing floats, finger star fish and barnacles…easy items to use in your summer decorating!


Debbee Thibault has created nearly 25 one-of-a-kind creations for our Spring Fling 2010.  You can call Sharon at American Harvest for more details.  She will be available after 5pm this Friday, May 7th.  Our phone number is 925-485-1577.

Please call for additional information and more pictures   925-485-1577