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I decided about two weeks ago to blog about decorating with statuary and yard art. Then, I opened my copy of Today’s Vintage and read an interesting article on the same topic. So instead of writing my own copy, please take a look at the article in Today’s Vintage magazine.  Pictured above is a fountain which is one of our favorite items in our yard, because it belonged to Rodger’s aunt and uncle.  His aunt and uncle loved to garden.  This was one of the first items that they bought for their yard back in the 1940’s.

Here are pictures of some of my favorite items in my own garden as well as my sons’ yards.

A beautiful coleus was planted in a vintage European planter with a statue of a little boy holding a fish.  This is on my front porch.

Jeremy hung two old windows on either side of a vintage screen door.  The garage wall was a blank canvas for yard art!

An outside room between the garage and house is decorated with bright, fun items.  Jeremy and Amy love Disneyland too, so they framed and hung posters of Disneyland attractions on the walls.  A wire basket of vintage billiard balls sits on the Dr. Pepper patio set.  This is a great ‘room’ for entertaining his high school cross country team.

Noel and Sarah placed a love seat on their backyard patio.  It is a perfect spot for relaxing after dinner.

Every yard should have a water feature.  Ringo loves to drink out of the fountain.

Rodger is crazy for these vintage garden gnomes.  He even has gotten our sons hooked on them.

An old metal headboard serves as a trellis for pole beans and basil.

A new gazing ball adds color and sparkle to our yard.  Gazing balls were particularly popular during the Victorian period.

We just purchased this “stone” bench for our backyard.  It is five feet long and curved.  Rodger needs to get some ground cover planted around it now!

I will post more yard pictures soon if you are interested.  Please leave a comment!


As crazy as it sounds, I do have a bedroom decorated in red, white and blue.  I know what you are thinking…..Sharon, the rest of your home is so neutral, with whites, beiges and creams.  Are you CRAZY?  Maybe, but I love Americana items.  The bedroom is downstairs and has been converted into a music room for Rodger’s drum collection.  I just happen to put all of my Americana items in there too, because they look so good with his drums. More »


Well, you guys were not very successful in answering these 10 simple questions.   Simple I say, but Sharon disagrees….not all were so simple.

#1.  This is in the queue for the ride Indiana Jones Adventure.

#2.  Reconstruction is what’s going on in the Rivers of America at Disneyland.

#3.  On the left is Cruella de Ville, on the right is Sharon…please do not mistake them for each other!

#4.  I am looking at the pond between Frontierland to the left and Adventureland to the right.

#5.  No NOT gears…it’s a Hidden Mickey!

#6.  There’s a Hidden Mickey in the doorway to the Disney Vault store in Downtown Disney.

#7.  I’m the Blue Fairy.

#8.  I’m Pluto and I play the drums just like Rodger.

#9.  I’m Minnie Mouse and I’m running to”take a break”.

#10. Who’s the leader of the club?  No doubts here, it’s Mickey Mouse!

Stay tuned for another game and I guarantee it will be much easier!  Check back soon for a very easy game.