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Religious statues, mosaics, reliefs and paintings were once used to tell Biblical stories to the churchgoers who were illiterate back in the Dark Ages.  Today, these items have become so collectible that it is very expensive to have a Santos that is over 100 years old.  In addition, most churches are unwilling to sell these items to collectors.  The following are pictures of some magnificent antique Santos as well as images of newly reproduced Santos.

Above: a beautiful antique Santos with a metal crown and vintage hair.  Very rare!

Here is an antique Santos wearing an antique crown.  The hands are very elegant and graceful.

More antique Santos with orignal corwns and metal neck wear.

Incredible eye detailing on this antique Santos.

It is so rare to find a glorious grouping of antique Santos.

The Santos above is a reproduction, but still a really nice creation.

A Santos bust with wonderful eye detailing….yes it is new.

Great facial expression on this reproduction.

A new crown on the Santos

This new Santos is wearing an antique parade medallion.

An antique gold rosary hangs from this Santos bust.


Here are pictures of some of the dolls that Nicol has made for our Fall signing tomorrow, Sept. 11th.  You can call Sharon at the store on this special phone number for more details  925-784-5543.  Please note this is not our store’s regular phone number that number is 925-485-1577.  Nicol will be at our store, American Harvest, from 10am to 1pm only.

The following pictures are of Nicol’s licensed designs that are now available at American Harvest.

So there they are, just some of Nicol’s original dolls and then her licensed designs for Halloween.  Please call us if you are interested or have any questions regarding the availability of these dolls.  For Sept. 11th only call 925-784-5543 and anytime call 925-485-1577.  Thanks!