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Rodger and I want to thank all of our loyal customers and friends for attending the Halloween extravaganza, Hotel de Mise.  Without your faithfulness, we would be one of those small shops that have gone out of business in the past few years.  It has been a struggle to keep our doors open during the recession, but you have been our encouragement to press forward and not look back.  This year’s Halloween open house was our most successful fall event in the 14 year history of American Harvest.

I typically come up with the majority of ideas and the theme for our events, but without the help and dedication of my friend, April, many of these ideas would not come to fruition.  April spends countless hours at home and at the store designing and making the facades we use at our events.  She works tirelessly with Rodger and I  hanging props from the ceiling, setting up displays and making certain that no little detail is overlooked.  She even furnished her truck when our van broke down during the week of setup.  We are so grateful to have April in our lives.

Ingrid Pomeroy designed our incredible postcard and poster for this event.  She always captures our theme perfectly in her designs.  Nicol Sayre has been so generous to us and our customers with her time by attending and signing all of her wonderful original dolls.  Susan Arnot created beautiful Halloween items for our event and drove for hours to deliver them to us.  Even Jan Atkins was able to make some pretty Halloween fans despite the fact that she is suffering from a badly injured shoulder.  We have been blessed to have the help of our friends, Monique, Marion and Joyce in working so hard on Friday evening during our Halloween open house.

With thanks and appreciation to everyone,


Hotel deMise at American Harvest

Your rooms are almost ready at American Harvest’s Hotel deMise.  We will open today, Friday, August 26th at 7pm.  We hope that you will find a sweet resting place in our humble abode.  For your viewing pleasure…..we present some pictures of what to expect at this year’s Halloween extravaganza at American Harvest.

You will be greeted by our Doorman and Bell Hop, who will be certain to carefully detain your luggage.

Although we no longer have a doctor on duty, we do have his doctor’s bag.  You can see a picture of his last victim patient praying for mercy.


Our registration desk is professionally staffed to assist you in your quick check-in, but never your check out.

Having a difficult time falling asleep?  Then go to the hotel library, the heavy books will help you get that deep, restful peace that you will just die for.

This guest on the 13th floor loves his floating bed.  He used the ASCENSOR to arrive at his final destination.

Before you go to your final resting place, you may want to feast on our new dinnerware in the Ghostly Dining Room.

Our kitchen staff uses only the finest and deadliest ingredients in preparing your repast.

These guests truly ate to their heart’s content.  Don’t they look satisfied?

Did you forget your toiletries?  Our “Lotions, Potions and Perfume Counter” can fulfill your needs.

These ladies discovered the latest cosmetic treasures….don’t they look beautiful?

The Black Widow Boutique is open 13 hours a day at Hotel deMise.  You will find many lovely gift items to send back to your loved ones who miss you greatly.

This hotel guest was so excited with her new ensemble that she literally lost her head!  By the way, her husband went out of his mind.

We hope to see you soon at American Harvest’s Hotel deMise……..may you RIP.