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We are so excited!  New merchandise is arriving daily from our recent buying trip.  We have great new “Urban French”  decor, vintage style jewelry, fresh new scarves for Spring and antique “smalls” from France.  Here are some pictures of these great finds!  Come to American Harvest to see the entire collection and fun store displays.

Antique French wine bottles direct from France!

Antique photo albums, gloves and vintage style jewelry are showcased here.

Combine vintage oil lamps and vintage style bird mirror for a great Urban French look!

These French keys were found just outside of Paris and are at least 100-150 years old.

We have a large selection of French religious antiques, including this blue velvet crucifix with Holy Water font.

Another great find is this “Souvenir de Paris”, Eiffel Tower on a marble base.

We have a really special collection of sterling silver mesh coin purses from France.

These fun metal hearts just arrived…there are ten different messages available.

Beautiful Antique French religious items, including crosses, water fonts, Missels and Bibles, marble plaques, rosaries and pictures.  We also have a nice collection of prayer cards from France and Italy.

Now let’s get quirky!  Marilyn and Audrey images on journals, tags and matches!

This Valentine is made from vintage materials by Susan.  It is displayed with vintage Valentines from the 1930-1950’s.

This Valentine candy box is vintage.

The Urban French look is enhanced with many bird and botanical prints.

The Madonna statue just arrived.  She has a kind and sweet expression.

St. Theresa is a favorite.  This water font features this desirable saint.

Here’s just a sample of the interesting jewelry that can found at American Harvest.

We have a really good selection of 1930’s bisque figures.

We found these metal hearts on our buying trip.  We also have mercury glass hearts from the same French/Belgium company.

You know that we love old cameras.  Here is a very unique camera, the bellows are in near perfect condition.

Sharon loves her ruffly petticoats.  Did you see her wearing one at our Halloween event last August?  These two are great for Spring.

Also, just found in France is a collection of French alarm clocks.  These vintage clocks are sold as decorative items, but I did test the alarms…boy are they loud!

Here’s a grouping of new light-weight Spring scarves that arrived.  We have a wonderful selection of scarves.  Remember that scarves are worn year round in France, let’s keep that tradition going over here too!

Large clips hold these pictures on the wall.  Create this new Urban French look in your home.  Come by American Harvest to see the entire selection of antiques from France, French-inspired pictures and decor, Valentine gifts, jewelry, scarves and so much more!  American Harvest is the best shop for unique gifts for your family, friends and of course you!

Sharon and I look forward to seeing you again soon!


Have you been to the new and improved California Adventure yet? Why are you waiting? Sharon and I were there shortly after Cars Land made its debut back in July 2012. CA Adventure is awesome! Don’t delay, get yourself over there now!

Here’s the main entrance to Cars Land…stop by and get your picture taken in front of the billboard.

Looking down the street toward Radiator Springs.

Second entrance into Cars Land.

Everyone LOVES the racers…be prepared for a very long wait.

Here’s a picture of Sharon “driving” our race car.  Our friends Bonnie and Roger are “back seat drivers”.  I’m riding shot gun!  That’s right….we won our race!

The Disney characters in CA Adventure are dressed in 1930’s attire.  Here’s Mickey walking a pretty little girl across the street.

Minnie can be found as a flight attendant in Condor Flats!

The Red Car Trolley on Buena Vista Street.

Many of the signs in Cars Land are a little quirky.

While waiting in line for the racers, you walk through a few buildings with nice signs, gas pumps and oil bottles.  The R&S represents Radiator Springs, but I think that it really stands for Rodger and Sharon.

My friend, Roger, thought these flowers were great.  They are made from tail lights.

This is one of my favorite photos….Sharon dazzling the local CA Adventure officer on Buena Vista Street.

You really need to get over to CA Adventure right now!  Don;t forget to see Cars Land at night with the great neon lights!  I’ll post pictures of the lights another time.  Honestly, my photos of the neon lights are only okay…you need to see it in person!