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Sharon & Rodger Mattern

Sharon & Rodger Mattern

In 1997, Sharon and Rodger Mattern opened American Harvest at 438 Main Street in downtown Pleasanton California. They began this online storefront in 2003.

“I love what I do,” Sharon says. “What I like best are my relationships with my customers and being a part of their lives. I also like to support small artists that make specialty items, and my customers like getting to know these artists too.” Sharon also enjoys being a few steps ahead of design trends, “We always feel like we’re a few years ahead of the mainstream. I like introducing my customers to new ideas.”

When asked why decoration and design are important, Sharon replies, “The home is an oasis, especially here in the bay area where people are so busy. My customers are nesters, and they want to make their homes comfortable and welcoming.” Sharon also recognizes the creative aspects of decor, “One of the nicest compliments we’ve gotten was from a customer who said that our store inspires her creatively. I love the idea that our store can encourage people to have a new outlook on life.”

We hope you enjoy our website, and we also invite you to visit our warm, whimsical, and creative shop on Main Street (see map). Our goal is to create enjoyable shopping experiences that will inspire our customers. Please contact us if we can assist you in any way.