Many of you asked for more pictures of the shop at Christmas time…so here they are!!!

Sharon with Nicol Sayre

All of “les jeunes filles” wore hats or musical antlers on Open House day.  Pictured are

Monique, Sharon, Jan, Laura and Marian.   Ooh La La!!

A Nicol Sayre original Snow Lady Doll

Suan Arnot created this Christmas doll using all vintage materials.

This a great bird cage and stand.  notice the Wendy Addison glittered birds flying by.

Sharon made this incredible wreath with mostly vintage Christmas items and a couple of glittered new items.

Pictured above is a Dee Foust original.  The delightful snowman is carrying a crescent moon.

You cannot have a Christmas in Paris theme without antique Mother of Pearl Opera Glasses and vintage jewelry boxes.

A nice selection of glittered banners greeted our customers as they entered the shop.

Nicol Sayre’s designs have been recreated for us by ESC.  The Angel For All Seasons has six different little trinkets that can hang from her waist.  They come inside the Celebrate box.

A trio of Pastel Snowmen graced our center table.  These whimsical characters brought smiles to the many “children” who attended our Christmas Open House.

It appears that Pere Noel (Santa Claus) brought many vintage toys for the little girls and boys.  There were tonka trucks, snow shoes, a wicker rocking chair, 1930’s tricycle, vintage children’s books, baseball items including a wonderful vintage catchers chest protector, catcher’s masks and gloves ( in honor of the SF Giants, no doubt), ice skates and more.

Pere Noel also brought for Mama these excellent clay French inspired pictures from the 1940’s.

Our Paris theme was carried throughout the store including our office area.  The office became our sidewalk cafe.

Cody Foster designed these magical pastel houses and churches.  You can just imagine them in the French Alps.

I will continue to post pictures of the store displays.  So please check back often.  But for now…Merci and au revoir.

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