We have been really busy finding great vintage collectibles and antiques.  It is amazing how great vintage and new items blend together when decorating your home.  We have been inspiring home decorators for over 14 years.  Daily, we are told by those visiting our shop, American Harvest, how wonderful our displays are.  We appreciate those nice compliments.  We continue to set the bar even higher, when it comes to decorating with new and old.  With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we hope that the following images bring a smile to your face, a lift to your day and inspiration to your home.  What does Mom want for Mother’s Day?  Well, we guarantee that flowers are nice, candy is sweet, but what Mom really wants….a gift from American Harvest that inspires her home decorating!

Santos stand proud in front of a large “Ave Maria” mirror.  We use lots of vintage books for risers.  These great old books complement the vintage inspired Santo and bust.  By placing objects in a glass cloche, you can make a statement that these collectibles are truly special.

This late 19th century French Wedding Cushion has a new crown that is set on top.  It is rare to find the actual bride’s headpiece that would have been made of wax flowers.  The crown looks perfect in this arrangement.  We like to use mirrors in our displays to give depth to the collection and to reflect light.

Two antique books (“City Ballads” and “Country Ballads”) set the tone for this display of city and country vintage items.  The large barn vent is newly made with vintage woods.  The city is represented with the topiary on the left and the wire cloche on the right.

Old cameras are one of my passions now.  I have brought in many vintage cameras and they have flown out the door.  I find one or two at a time at good prices and have been able to sell them at very low prices.  The sweet tags are handmade with high quality papers and ribbons.  The images are of Coco Channel and Audrey Hepburn….two women whom photographers loved to capture with their cameras.

As all of you know, Debbee Thibault is one of our finest artists in our American Harvest Family of Artists.  We carry an important collection of her outstanding creations.  This photo shows some of the pieces in her latest collection for Spring and Summer.

I have always loved to cook for my family.  My personal collection of antique spice tins has gotten so large that I decided to part with  some of them.  My favorite is the Martha Washington spice tin.

These two beautiful hand blown glass lamp shades are from the Phoenix Art Studio.  These were made in the 30’s.  We have a very good collection of them for sale.  These beautiful creations would look great in your home to replace those tired looking standard fixtures in your bathroom.  We have also used these lamp shades as backdrops for other collectibles.

These lovely bird jewelery pieces are a small sample of the fabulous jewelery we have for sale at American Harvest.  The birds definitely say “Welcome Spring”.

I did not grow up Catholic, but was always fascinated with religious icons.  Most of my friends were Catholic, as I grew up just two blocks away from the historic Mission San Jose in Fremont, CA.  These religious medals date from the 1920’s to the 1960’s.

I also have a sweet collection of Bunnykins plates, bowls and cups.  All of my pieces are from the 1930’s.  You can buy new dishes still, but look for the vintage ones.  I am selling my duplicates now.  All are in mint condition, as I am very select with this collection.  Tip of the day….Pass up dishes with chips and hairline cracks.

At American Harvest, we love all things French.  The above pillow is one of the many French-inspired decorating items we have in stock.

We sell many books about France, Paris flea markets and Provence markets.  This is a new book for us and we love it.  The book is about authors from all over the world, who were inspired by France.  Pictured on the cover is F. Scott Fitzgerald and family.  He wrote Rodger’s favorite American novel, The Great Gatsby.  Rodger’s all-time favorite novel is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.  Of course, it is set in France.

The Eiffel Tower art tag is made by one of our great AH artist.  She uses the highest quality of paper, glitter and ribbons.  We have a wonderful selection of her French inspired images in various sizes.

Here is a fantastic display of vintage-inspired ribbons.  These are all hand dyed and sell for very reasonable prices.  Call us for colors and minimum yardage.  Perfect for tying special packages and for draping with your collectibles.  Use your imagination…the possibilities are limitless.

I love old books, Bibles and prayer books.  I know that many people are ripping off old book covers, tea staining the pages and tying these “worn” books with ribbons.  I like that look too, but cannot bear the idea of destroying old things.  I buy books for the cover, the stories, the pictures and the COLOR.  COLOR??? yes, use them as risers with similar color tones found on different objects.  This really makes for outstanding vignettes of your collectibles, including Debbee Thibault collectibles.

Speaking of Debbee Thibault…..Don’t you love this outstanding Patriotic creation from her new collection?

Well, Happy Spring to all and please have a wonderful Mother’s Day with your families.


  1. Denise Burns says:

    My sister and I hope to make it to your lovely shop soon! Have a great Mother’s Day yourselves! Thank you so much for your continued inspiration and very hard work! Sincerely, Denise Burns/Murphys, CA and Dorian Fletcher/Modesto, CA

  2. rodger says:

    Thank you for the nice comment Denise. Sharon and I look forward to seeing you and Dorian soon! In appreciation, Rodger

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