American Harvest carries a large and eclectic line of French antiques in addition to our nice line of American antiques and collectibles.  We combine different elements into a cohesive display of French antiques and new items.  We call it Urban French.  You can combine coal buckets, religious items, cameras, movie projectors and so much more to make inspirational vinettes.  Don’t be afraid to use items that at first may not seem like they would go together.  Find a common thread, such as color, texture or theme.  Again, don’t be afraid to use unrelated pieces.


The wings help to anchor the collection of mercury glass containers.  A small dress form holds necklaces that were inspired by antique rosaries.


The wine bottle is from France.  The two small St. Theresa statues are from France, while the two Madonnas are newly made.  The wall hanging is actually a bamboo floor mat.


The French coal bucket makes for an impressive vase when filled with a large plant or flowers.


Do you have old family photos of unfamiliar faces?  Display them with vintage cameras.


A movie projector and reels are a great addition to your family room, den or office.


An antique brass and copper fire extinguisher holds necklaces, a  great way to keep your chains from getting tangled.


A lighted arrow and two clocks seem to say, “Time flies”.


We found this beautiful sterling silver chain purse in the Province area of France.  It is in a display case filled with French compacts, jewelry and old tin types.


Glass items look very enticing when displayed on glass shelves.  These vintage lampshades are from the Phoenix Studio.  The green iridescent hues are magnificent.


This is a set of 8 lavender glassware with gold trim.  It is not easy to find a set of 8 antique glasses that are all in perfect condition.


Sharon has a large collection of vintage wedding cake toppers.  She has released a few for sale recently.  Display them with wedding crowns or tiaras, along with vintage wedding photos and other memorabilia.


Do you remember when a telephone was a means of communicating by voice and not a means to text, Tweeting, Facebooking or photo opting?  This is a heavy duty dial phone.  In front is a glass desk caddy.


Here is a French watering can with an antique label.  Sorry it just sold as I was posting this picture.

We have so many more French and American antiques in the store right now.  Why don’t you come in for a visit?







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