I guess I raised a lot of questions when I referred to the term URBAN FRENCH the other day.  I had not heard the term before I used it.  However, if you Google the term, you will find a few listings ranging from dogs to architecture to porn!

I have always liked a cleaner look, a less cluttered look.  When Country was all the rage in the 1980-90’s, my friend, Mary, called my home “uptown country”.  I didn’t want cows, pigs and ducks, but I did like the antiques that went with the look, but in a much less cluttered look than “Country”.

So, what is my definition of URBAN FRENCH?  Clean lines, a softer palette of creams and whites and grays, collections confined to a display case or cabinet.  However, I believe in breaking my own rules with fresh new ideas.  Give me a hint of color in soft pinks, blues and other pastels.  Oh yeah, give me plenty of French antiques and French-inspired accents.

I love whites and creams in many variations.  In my living room I have several wedding crown cushions (globe de maree).  A Nicol Sayre doll watches peacefully over the arrangement of German porcelain doll heads.  To the right, is an antique dress form with a vintage chemise and petticoat.  A Donna O’Brien crown adorns the top of the dress form.

Another Nicol Sayre doll stands on the antique pine table.  Also featured is a globe de maree and two antique photo albums.  One of the albums is inscribed To My Wife,  December 25, 1865.  This was given to my great grandmother for Christmas!

A reproduced Santos is wearing a rare antique Religious Parade Medallion from Italy.  A fern is set on top of an antique column.  A watercolor painting adds color to this corner.

A watercolor painting ties the pink altogether in my dining room.

Try adding something as simple as a vintage wood finial to the top of a cabinet for the Urban French look.

Okay, yes I did say that I like whites, creams, grays….but a girl has to have some unexpected fun!  Here in my kitchen, I added splashes of French blue.  A French baguette basket, a French chocolate advertising print and a French street sign highlight my wall.  Blue and cream stoneware bowls, a copper pitcher, French dish towels and a vintage basket bring the whole look together.  In the basket is French lavender and a sweet water reed basket from South Carolina.

A collection of Quimper from France, along with French tip plates add more fun and whimsey to the antique cupboard.

A cement pheasant and architectural piece, simple and appealing.

Hand carved doves on pedestals, basket and a vintage column…none of this is from France, but when added to the rest of the room…OOH LA LA.

I love transferware plates.  Bird images are my favorites.  I found these in France.

A Debbee Thibault fairy stands proudly in front of a ironstone platter.  The brown and white transferware trivet is from Paris.

An Eric Cortina Santos wears an antique Ex Voto from Italy.  This simple arrangement greets my guests in the entryway.

I also like mirrors.  I hang them throughout my home.  This is a very large mirror.  The frame of the mirror has a wonderful French flavor to it, although it is not French.  See the next photo for details of the frame.

I love collections of religious items.  Reproduced Santos heads keep watch over antique Missels, Bibles and rosaries.  The silver hand is an antique ex voto from Italy, but found in Paris.  The tiara has an Eiffel Tower in rhinestones.

Here is a vertical globe de maree.  It still has the delicate wax flowers.

This silk child’s dress form is from Paris and is one of my favorite items.  You should have seen the reactions of the TSA officers when I put this item through the security x-ray machine.  The hat is American.

So that is my Urban French look at home.  I have great items from France for sale at American Harvest.  There are wonderful religious items, sterling silver purses, garden accents and so much more.  If you haven’t been to American Harvest in the last month, you are missing out on a great selection of antiques, gifts, jewelry, perfumes and home decor.  We hope to see you soon!




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