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We are happy to say that we have some really interesting Halloween creations made by some of your favorite artists.  These are just a handful of the great Halloween items now available at American Harvest.  We hope you’ll come into the store and see for yourself.  We are decorated in a Vampire Ball theme this year.  It is really fun, not too scary, and everyone has liked it.  If you see anything in the pictures that you like, please give Sharon a call at 925-485-1577.  Remember that we are now open 7 days a week.  M-Th 11am to 5pm, Friday 10am-9pm, Sat. 10am-5pm (sometimes a little later) and Sundays noon to 4pm.


Nicol Sayre Small Doll with Embroidered Spider Webs  $295


Nicol Sayre Medium Doll in a White Dress SORRY SOLD


Tall Nicol Sayre Doll, Bat Queen  SORRY SOLD


Large Nicol Sayre Doll, Midnight Hour  SORRY SOLD


Medium Nicol Sayre Doll wearing a black dress, buckle on hat   SORRY SOLD


Small Nicol Sayre doll, Theatre Magique  SORRY SOLD


Glittered Skull, heavy skull (not styrofoam) covered with German Glass Glitter  $22.95


Vampire Lover Ribbon, handmade by Wendy Addison, $22 (approx 12 inches long)


Carpe Diem Ribbon by Wendy Addison, SORRY SOLD OUT


“Spooky” picture by Wendy Addison, 6×4 inches, $16


Coffin Box, with skeleton image by Wendy Addison, 9.5 inches long, SORRY SOLD OUT


Small round box with white glittered skull by Wendy Addison, $17


Small round box with orange lettering “Spooky” and skull and cross bone image, $10


“Hold to Light” creation by Wendy Addison, approx. 7×5.5 inches, $18


Bethany Lowe design, Skeleton image on coffin box, 4×2.5 inches, $10.50


Bethany Lowe design, Witch on Coffin box, $10.50


Allen Cunningham design, Pumpkin and Cat, 9 inches tall, SORRY SOLD OUT


Allen Cunningham design, Bat on box, 6.5 inches tall, SORRY SOLD OUT


Allen Cunningham design, Drummer Pumpkin Man, approx. 8 inches tall, SORRY SOLD OUT


Allen Cunningham design, Skeleton, approx. 7 inches tall, SORRY SOLD OUT

We hope you’ll give us a call or send us an email….









Here is a 13 picture preview of our Vampire Ball.  The Halloween Party at American Harvest will take place on Friday, August 23rd (7-9pm) and then on Saturday, August 24th (10am-5pm).  Sharon, April and I hope to see you this Friday night.
















You are invited to A Mad, Mad Tea Party
At American Harvest

Hi American Harvest fans!

We are so excited to invite you, your family and your friends to a special event at American Harvest.  We are hosting A Mad, Mad Tea Party.

Where:  438 Main Street, Pleasanton, CA 94566

When:   Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time:     10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Delicious refreshments will be served!

This is going to be so much fun!  It’s not just a mad tea party, it is A MAD, MAD TEA PARTY.

We will be featuring doll artist, Nicol Sayre.  She is making several original dolls for us in the theme of :  YES, you guessed it…A Mad, Mad Tea Party.  Please arrive early for the best selection of her dolls.  Also, Susan Arnot is making wonderful creations for the party.  Susan uses the finest antique German doll heads and lots of vintage materials.

In addition, American Harvest is jammed full of French antiques, spring time decorations, Spring scarves, jewelry, perfumes and wonderful home decor items.  We have had many people request wall clocks and boy we have them in stock now!  It is a really nice selection too.  Prints of birds and botanicals are big this year and we are well supplied with these items as well.

If you have already made plans for this date….CHANGE THEM!!!!  This is going to be INCREDIBLE.

Please do not miss out on the good times at American Harvest!!!!!    See you at the party!

Sharon and Rodger
American Harvest


We are so excited!  New merchandise is arriving daily from our recent buying trip.  We have great new “Urban French”  decor, vintage style jewelry, fresh new scarves for Spring and antique “smalls” from France.  Here are some pictures of these great finds!  Come to American Harvest to see the entire collection and fun store displays.

Antique French wine bottles direct from France!

Antique photo albums, gloves and vintage style jewelry are showcased here.

Combine vintage oil lamps and vintage style bird mirror for a great Urban French look!

These French keys were found just outside of Paris and are at least 100-150 years old.

We have a large selection of French religious antiques, including this blue velvet crucifix with Holy Water font.

Another great find is this “Souvenir de Paris”, Eiffel Tower on a marble base.

We have a really special collection of sterling silver mesh coin purses from France.

These fun metal hearts just arrived…there are ten different messages available.

Beautiful Antique French religious items, including crosses, water fonts, Missels and Bibles, marble plaques, rosaries and pictures.  We also have a nice collection of prayer cards from France and Italy.

Now let’s get quirky!  Marilyn and Audrey images on journals, tags and matches!

This Valentine is made from vintage materials by Susan.  It is displayed with vintage Valentines from the 1930-1950’s.

This Valentine candy box is vintage.

The Urban French look is enhanced with many bird and botanical prints.

The Madonna statue just arrived.  She has a kind and sweet expression.

St. Theresa is a favorite.  This water font features this desirable saint.

Here’s just a sample of the interesting jewelry that can found at American Harvest.

We have a really good selection of 1930’s bisque figures.

We found these metal hearts on our buying trip.  We also have mercury glass hearts from the same French/Belgium company.

You know that we love old cameras.  Here is a very unique camera, the bellows are in near perfect condition.

Sharon loves her ruffly petticoats.  Did you see her wearing one at our Halloween event last August?  These two are great for Spring.

Also, just found in France is a collection of French alarm clocks.  These vintage clocks are sold as decorative items, but I did test the alarms…boy are they loud!

Here’s a grouping of new light-weight Spring scarves that arrived.  We have a wonderful selection of scarves.  Remember that scarves are worn year round in France, let’s keep that tradition going over here too!

Large clips hold these pictures on the wall.  Create this new Urban French look in your home.  Come by American Harvest to see the entire selection of antiques from France, French-inspired pictures and decor, Valentine gifts, jewelry, scarves and so much more!  American Harvest is the best shop for unique gifts for your family, friends and of course you!

Sharon and I look forward to seeing you again soon!


The 16th Annual Christmas Open House at American Harvest will be this Saturday, November 3, 2012, from 10am to 5pm. We have wonderful dolls by Nicol Sayre, great original creations by Wendy Addison and lovely holiday decorations by Susan Arnot. In addition, Sharon has shopped like crazy to find the best vintage Christmas decorations for your home. “YULE” love the French antiques, vintage toys and all of the holiday gift ideas we have in store for you.

So our three little elves have been working day and night to bring you a store full of the best Christmas ideas ever gathered at American Harvest. Our theme this year is “Home for Christmas”, and we hope that you come home to American Harvest for our exciting Christmas Open House.


Howdy Partners….

Here are some preview pictures of the Ghost Town Halloween Party.  We have been working hard to make this event fun for everyone.  We hope to see you on Friday, August 24th from 7:00-9:00pm at American Harvest.  We can pretty much guarantee a rootin’, tootin’ good ole time!  Don’t forget to wear a hat or costume and receive a prize!

Lighted pumpkins will greet you at the door.

Miss Sharon’s Trading Post is loaded with great gift and decor items.  Fun for all ages.

Doc Rodger’s Office is open for business.  If he can’t cure you of your ailments…don’t worry because he is also the undertaker!

Watch out for Sheriff April…she’s also the judge and jury.  This poor soul was simply riding his horse into the bank for a little withdrawal….too bad he didn’t have an account there!

There is a high spirited game of poker going on here!  What’s that card up his sleeve?

The Painted Pony Saloon is open to all, but please leave your horses hitched to the post outside.

The Cowgirl Palace has a pool table for your enjoyment….and don’t miss the Dance Hall gals with their fancy petticoats!

The deputy enjoyed his stay at the Ghost Town by reading an interesting novel…probably after watching the Dance Hall gals!

The coffin shaped shelving unit in the Doc’s office is full of miracle cures and ointments!  Snake oil comes at a hefty price!

The Doc is looking for more patients…come on in for a free consultation!

Halloween delights await you at every turn.

Bug poison to Bat droppings….everything for everybody!

Girlie delights for you by local artists.

The Trading Post has many wonderful vintage collections for you.

These good ole locks are perfect for securing your treasures.

Lanterns and Jack-O-Lanterns are in abundant supply.

Boot Hill is a great place to visit, but you don’t want to make it your permanent home!

Even the urban cowboy or cowgirl will feel right at home in these special glasses!

This vintage brass horse is a great trophy for every buckaroo!

Nicol Sayre’s designs, always a crowd pleaser,  will capture your heart and spirit!

More bottles in the Painted Pony Saloon.

Well, we sure hope that you enjoyed these preview pictures of the American Harvest’s version of Ghost Town!  We look forward to seeing you at the party this Friday night, August 24th!


I have a couple of requests for pictures of Debbee’s newest creations for Spring.  Here are a few samples of Debbee’s pieces that are available at American Harvest.  Debbee will be bringing 25 one-of-a-kind pieces, but I do not have them in stock yet, therefore I have no pictures to show you!  We hope to see many of you at the store on May 5th from 10am-5pm for the Debbee Thibault signing.  You can call Sharon at the store 925-485-1577 for details and more information regarding these wonderful creations by Debbee.

Remember, the above pictures are just a handful of Debbee’s creations now available at  American Harvest.  We have a very extensive line of her work, including Christmas and Halloween.


At your request, I am posting pictures of some of the great finds that are now for sale at American Harvest.  Most of these items are very limited or one-of-a-kind creations.  For pricing information, please call Sharon at the shop 925-485-1577.  Remember this is a small sampling of the fantastic items available.  Sorry, there are no pictures of Nicol Sayre’s original dolls yet!

These are vintage patriotic pins.

Every traveler this year will want new, exciting luggage tags.

Lavendar filled sachets, made with vintage fabrics by Jan, exclusively for American Harvest.

Sharon always says this quote….the ribboned tag makes for a great gift tag or hang it on your mirror for inspiration each day.

These bottles are filled with vintage findings by Tinsel Trading!

Here is a Springtime beauty designed by Nicol Sayre.

The swinging doll is made with a vintage German doll head and vintage fabrics and crepe paper.  Created by Susan for American Harvest.

Vintage peat pots are adorned with ribbons and French inspired labels.

Bangle bracelets made right here in San Francisco Bay Area.

Quimper cup and saucer from France.

These are antique Ex Votos from Italy.

More beautiful jewelry made by a local artist.

The picture above and all of the pictures that follow are Debbee Thibault’s creations for Spring.

We hope that you will join this Saturday, March 10th for our 15 Year Anniversary Party and Spring Open House.


American Harvest will be celebrating our 15th year anniversary on Saturday, March 10th from 10am-5pm.  Nicol Sayre will be our featured artist and will be signing her original dolls from 10am-1pm.  In addition to Nicol’s dolls, there will be wonderful original creations for Springtime and Easter by Wendy Addison and  Susan Arnot.   Debbee Thibault just sent us her newest Spring collection for 2012.  These are some of her best characters that you will absolutely love!  We have a great collection of Summer Teal’s baby accessories, hair adornments, bags and coin purses.

We are styled in a Paris theme for our event.  If you haven’t heard….we now have licensed baby clothes for Cal Berkeley and Stanford!  We hope to see you this next Saturday, March 10th for our anniversary party and Spring Open House!

Vintage camera and Paris themed picture set on an antique chair.

We have many Eiffel Towers (new and vintage souvenirs).  This large Eiffel Tower’s shadow is cast across a large Angel print.  To the left is an array of vintage clocks on an antique dressing table.

An antique child’s chair plays host to three French inspired jars.

We have a very extensive collection of French antique religious items in stock.  Most of the leather bound Missels and Bibles are from France or Germany and were printed in the late 1800’s.  Rosaries, Holy Water fonts and statues are just a few of the highly collectible religious items that are featured at American Harvest.

Our French inspired theme is evident throughout the shop.  Can you say….”Ooh La La” ?

Our baby selection continues to receive rave reviews by Grandmas, Aunties and Moms.

Here is a licensed Stanford Cheerleaders uniform for the young ones.  It is also available for Cal.  There are onesies, rompers, hats, fleece hoodies and booties with these Universities name and logo’s.

Sharon has been very busy finding the latest and best in beautiful jewelry for our anniversary party.  This is a small sampling of her finds.

We always carry Tokyo Milk and Tokyo Milk Dark products, as we are the Tri-Valley area top retailer for these parfumes, soaps, lip balms and handcremes.  We have the most extensive selection in town!

These vintage bow ties have been a huge hit at American Harvest.  Use your imagination in making these items a great accessory to your wardrobe.  One of our favorite customers bought three different vintage bow ties and used them as clasps on her sweater.  She is stopped constantly and asked, “Where did you get that fabulous sweater?”  Her answer…”I simply added these vintage bow ties that I found at American Harvest!”  Thanks, Jana!

Again, we hope to see you this Saturday, March 10th at American Harvest, as we celebrate our 15 year anniversary!





In conjunction with the Pleasanton Downtown Association, American Harvest invites you to a Magical Holiday Evening on Saturday Nov. 19th from 4-8pm.  This is a great holiday kickoff to your celebrations.  We will be featuring our latest Christmas and holiday decorations, gifts, jewelry and perfumes.  There will be festivities throughout downtown Pleasanton.  We will also have a gift basket drawing at American Harvest that night.


On that same day, American Harvest will be participating in the Earlier Than The Bird event in downtown Pleasanton.  We will open very early at 7am…..that’s right 7:00 in the morning.  Many stores will be having special treats and surprises.  At American Harvest, we will be giving out free mini snowmen ornaments with a purchase of $10.00 or more, while supplies last!  So hurry and come to American Harvest first!!!!

As always, American Harvest is your best place to find one-of-a-kind holiday decorations.  We take great pride in bringing you the very best Christmas creations!

Our store is decorated this year in an ICE PALACE theme.  Our ”show stopping” window display this year conveys the theme of an ice palace courtyard that welcomes you to venture into the ice palace halls and out of the cold night air!

American Harvest features nationally renowned artists, Debbee Thibault, Nicol Sayre, Dee Foust, Wendy Addison, Eric Cortina, Susan Arnot and many more.

Many of our holiday items are made with vintage findings, such as this doll made by Susan.  We also welcome back Susan’s sister, Victoria who made many special items for American Harvest this year.

We hope to see you soon at these two great events at American Harvest on November 19th!

Sharon and Rodger