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We will be preparing American Harvest for our Halloween Party this Friday, August 22 from 7-9pm.  We will be closed Tuesday through Friday, August 19-22 and of course reopening on Friday evening.  Here are 13 pictures to inspire you for Halloween.  I took these pictures at the Pierce Ranch in Point Reyes area in July.














I took these pictures in the early morning fog, which is quite common for Point Reyes.  Please ask me for permission before using any of these pictures whether the use is personal or business.  If you use any of these pictures for personal or business use, please remember to reference American Harvest.  Happy Halloween planning!

Thank you,



American Harvest is hosting a Beach Party Sale on Saturday, June 7, 2014, from 10am to 5pm.  Everything in the store will be on sale.  Please bring the postcard you received in the mail, a printout of the email you might have received or print this page in order to get 15% of your entire purchase on June 7th.

Here are pictures of a few items now in stock at American Harvest.


We have a great selection of beach related signs.


American Harvest has a terrific collection of antiques and collectibles from USA and France!


We have fun, quirky French collectibles from the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s.


Sharon and I are always on the lookout for vintage typewriters, cameras and movie projectors.


This is just one of the many Disney vintage collectibles from the 1950’s.


We have vintage jewelry, new jewelry, handmade jewelry and of course jewelry made in Paris!


Suitcases and valises make great displays and can be used for storage too.


Looking for a fun gift?  Check out our line of bags, luggage tags and purses.


What’s a beach party without a vintage picnic basket?  This one has the original plastic 4 plates, 4 glasses and 4 sets of utensils.


I always try to carry a good amount of ephemera from France.  These are highly collectible weekly serial papers from the 1940’s.


French plates and a Quimper bowl are nestled inside the small wood wheel barrow from France.


AH has a nice collection of yard statues.


Every boy (and girl) would love to have a surf board sign in his room!


Fix up your beach house with fun signs and frames.  These make excellent gifts!


French religious antiques are one of our specialties.  Perfect gifts for Confirmation, First Communion and more.


People are amazed at our collection of Disney pins that are for sale at American Harvest.  These are official, licensed Disney pins that can be traded at the Disney Parks or added to your collection.   All at very reasonable prices.


Talk about great gift ideas…French soap is a must for a nice and thoughtful hostess gift.  WARNING…once you try these great soaps from Provence, you will not ever want to use “grocery store” soap again.  We also have great glycerin soaps that are handmade in Berkeley, CA.


I could not pass up this fantastic small guitar.  It features a drawing of Elvis Presley and his machine signature.


American Harvest has a great collection of doctor bags from the USA and France.  These doctor bags are really collectible and usually difficult to find.


We always carry a good selection of books on travel, decorating and children’s books.  Pictured is the hard to find book, Vintage By Nina.


A garden pillow, French pots are found in this vintage bird bath.

We hope you have enjoyed a quick glimpse of what is in store for you at American Harvest.  See you this Saturday, June 7, 2014 for the Beach Party Sale.




American Harvest carries a large and eclectic line of French antiques in addition to our nice line of American antiques and collectibles.  We combine different elements into a cohesive display of French antiques and new items.  We call it Urban French.  You can combine coal buckets, religious items, cameras, movie projectors and so much more to make inspirational vinettes.  Don’t be afraid to use items that at first may not seem like they would go together.  Find a common thread, such as color, texture or theme.  Again, don’t be afraid to use unrelated pieces.


The wings help to anchor the collection of mercury glass containers.  A small dress form holds necklaces that were inspired by antique rosaries.


The wine bottle is from France.  The two small St. Theresa statues are from France, while the two Madonnas are newly made.  The wall hanging is actually a bamboo floor mat.


The French coal bucket makes for an impressive vase when filled with a large plant or flowers.


Do you have old family photos of unfamiliar faces?  Display them with vintage cameras.


A movie projector and reels are a great addition to your family room, den or office.


An antique brass and copper fire extinguisher holds necklaces, a  great way to keep your chains from getting tangled.


A lighted arrow and two clocks seem to say, “Time flies”.


We found this beautiful sterling silver chain purse in the Province area of France.  It is in a display case filled with French compacts, jewelry and old tin types.


Glass items look very enticing when displayed on glass shelves.  These vintage lampshades are from the Phoenix Studio.  The green iridescent hues are magnificent.


This is a set of 8 lavender glassware with gold trim.  It is not easy to find a set of 8 antique glasses that are all in perfect condition.


Sharon has a large collection of vintage wedding cake toppers.  She has released a few for sale recently.  Display them with wedding crowns or tiaras, along with vintage wedding photos and other memorabilia.


Do you remember when a telephone was a means of communicating by voice and not a means to text, Tweeting, Facebooking or photo opting?  This is a heavy duty dial phone.  In front is a glass desk caddy.


Here is a French watering can with an antique label.  Sorry it just sold as I was posting this picture.

We have so many more French and American antiques in the store right now.  Why don’t you come in for a visit?








You are invited to a Garden Party at American Harvest this Saturday, March 15 from 10am to 5pm.  American Harvest will be loaded with great vintage finds from France and the good ol’ USA.  From Easter & Spring decor to French antiques, from vintage garden statuary to handmade jewelry…we have the best spring gift ideas for your home, family and friends.

Please enjoy the pictures and we hope to see you this Saturday at American Harvest.

In addition, Sharon and I want to express our heartfelt thanks for your continued support and patronage these past 17 years.  We appreciate all of your nice comments and encouraging words.  As you know, the last 4 years have been a struggle for all of the small businesses in the USA.  We have made a commitment to continue to bring the best in holiday decor, handmade gifts and vintage & antique finds to Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley.





















We look forward to seeing you this Saturday at the Garden Party.





Here is a 13 picture preview of our Vampire Ball.  The Halloween Party at American Harvest will take place on Friday, August 23rd (7-9pm) and then on Saturday, August 24th (10am-5pm).  Sharon, April and I hope to see you this Friday night.
















We have been gathering many fun antiques, collectibles and decorating items for our Summer display at American Harvest.  From A to Z, apples to zinc top tables, we have been collecting a good amount of interesting finds for our customers.  Here are just a few of our summer fun items now available at American Harvest!


We have a truly wonderful selection of bird prints…a variety of sizes and styles.


The Kissing Couple bottle stopper is a vintage find in great condition.  Just press the lever on the back and the couple will lift up, face each other and kiss.  In the front are two butter press molds, also vintage and in great condition.  We have a nice collection of antique spice tins too.


We love French religious antiques.  We have a superior collection in stock now.  See above and below.




Shells of all sizes and colors are in stock at American Harvest, many from South Carolina, Australia and the Philippines.




We have antique cameras in a variety of styles.  This is one of my favorites.


Here is a book from France.  We have several antique books many from the mid-1800’s.


For our “crafty”  customers, we have a great collection of vintage yarns, threads, ribbons and more.



This group of yarns and threads are from Sweden.


Pictured above are three sterling silver antique pieces from France.


The purses are from France, yes they are sterling silver…from the 1800’s.


Sharon loves old postcards and has an extensive collection.  The 3 French postcards are displayed with American framed tin types.


On our recent buying trips, we found beautiful glassware.  A display of this glassware is really nice for all seasons, but in the summer months has a clean, fresh look.



Divided dishes as shown above are great in the bedroom or bathroom to hold your jewelry.





Summer signs are a quick and easy way to liven up your home, lake house, beach house or cabin.  This Canoe Rental sign would look great in your home.


We have gathered many vintage suitcases.  Just a warning, they are selling fast at our shop.  Please call for availability.


Children’s plates and cups are very collectible still.  We know that many grandparents like to give a set to their grandchildren.


Sharon likes to display by color.  Although these items may seem unrelated, the common denominator is color.  Here we have French antique tins, a 1950’s cowboy mug and a hand carved folk art bird from Pennsylvania.  The background features ironstone plates.


Summertime means travel time for many families.  Check out the great selection of travel items, postcards, luggage tags, maps, globes, rubber stamps and more.


Fun pillows can make a family room or media room come to life.  They are funny and comfy!


We like to decorate with antique birdcages.  Instead of a living bird, we place bird pictures in our cages.  Hang them outside in a tree, put a lighted candle in the cage and you have instant out door decorations.


Also in stock, but selling really fast are great beach related signs and pictures.


We found this wire stand on a recent buying trip.  It is perfect for inside or outside decorating.  It folds up for easy storing.



Rodger has a passion for garden gnomes….yes it is kitschy, but a lot of fun!  This guy still has a good amount of his paint left.


We found a nice collection of 1930’s bisque figures.  Many have already sold, but these are still available.



Small restaurant ware, such as these creamers can make a fun collection.


Rodger found a lot of children’s books and records recently.  We are showing only a small portion of them.  Records included are Davy Crockett, Little Toot, Cinderella, Snow White, Dumbo and Mighty Mouse.



The children’s books are from the 1940-1950’s.  All have wonderful graphics.



We have found some really cute pieces of small furniture, including the bench above and the two tables below.   The tables are children sizes.



So, we hope you will venture out this June and July to American Harvest.  We have wonderful items for sale.  It is always a pleasure to see all of you at American Harvest.  Your friendship and loyalty is very important to us.



You are invited to A Mad, Mad Tea Party
At American Harvest

Hi American Harvest fans!

We are so excited to invite you, your family and your friends to a special event at American Harvest.  We are hosting A Mad, Mad Tea Party.

Where:  438 Main Street, Pleasanton, CA 94566

When:   Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time:     10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Delicious refreshments will be served!

This is going to be so much fun!  It’s not just a mad tea party, it is A MAD, MAD TEA PARTY.

We will be featuring doll artist, Nicol Sayre.  She is making several original dolls for us in the theme of :  YES, you guessed it…A Mad, Mad Tea Party.  Please arrive early for the best selection of her dolls.  Also, Susan Arnot is making wonderful creations for the party.  Susan uses the finest antique German doll heads and lots of vintage materials.

In addition, American Harvest is jammed full of French antiques, spring time decorations, Spring scarves, jewelry, perfumes and wonderful home decor items.  We have had many people request wall clocks and boy we have them in stock now!  It is a really nice selection too.  Prints of birds and botanicals are big this year and we are well supplied with these items as well.

If you have already made plans for this date….CHANGE THEM!!!!  This is going to be INCREDIBLE.

Please do not miss out on the good times at American Harvest!!!!!    See you at the party!

Sharon and Rodger
American Harvest


I guess I raised a lot of questions when I referred to the term URBAN FRENCH the other day.  I had not heard the term before I used it.  However, if you Google the term, you will find a few listings ranging from dogs to architecture to porn!

I have always liked a cleaner look, a less cluttered look.  When Country was all the rage in the 1980-90’s, my friend, Mary, called my home “uptown country”.  I didn’t want cows, pigs and ducks, but I did like the antiques that went with the look, but in a much less cluttered look than “Country”.

So, what is my definition of URBAN FRENCH?  Clean lines, a softer palette of creams and whites and grays, collections confined to a display case or cabinet.  However, I believe in breaking my own rules with fresh new ideas.  Give me a hint of color in soft pinks, blues and other pastels.  Oh yeah, give me plenty of French antiques and French-inspired accents.

I love whites and creams in many variations.  In my living room I have several wedding crown cushions (globe de maree).  A Nicol Sayre doll watches peacefully over the arrangement of German porcelain doll heads.  To the right, is an antique dress form with a vintage chemise and petticoat.  A Donna O’Brien crown adorns the top of the dress form.

Another Nicol Sayre doll stands on the antique pine table.  Also featured is a globe de maree and two antique photo albums.  One of the albums is inscribed To My Wife,  December 25, 1865.  This was given to my great grandmother for Christmas!

A reproduced Santos is wearing a rare antique Religious Parade Medallion from Italy.  A fern is set on top of an antique column.  A watercolor painting adds color to this corner.

A watercolor painting ties the pink altogether in my dining room.

Try adding something as simple as a vintage wood finial to the top of a cabinet for the Urban French look.

Okay, yes I did say that I like whites, creams, grays….but a girl has to have some unexpected fun!  Here in my kitchen, I added splashes of French blue.  A French baguette basket, a French chocolate advertising print and a French street sign highlight my wall.  Blue and cream stoneware bowls, a copper pitcher, French dish towels and a vintage basket bring the whole look together.  In the basket is French lavender and a sweet water reed basket from South Carolina.

A collection of Quimper from France, along with French tip plates add more fun and whimsey to the antique cupboard.

A cement pheasant and architectural piece, simple and appealing.

Hand carved doves on pedestals, basket and a vintage column…none of this is from France, but when added to the rest of the room…OOH LA LA.

I love transferware plates.  Bird images are my favorites.  I found these in France.

A Debbee Thibault fairy stands proudly in front of a ironstone platter.  The brown and white transferware trivet is from Paris.

An Eric Cortina Santos wears an antique Ex Voto from Italy.  This simple arrangement greets my guests in the entryway.

I also like mirrors.  I hang them throughout my home.  This is a very large mirror.  The frame of the mirror has a wonderful French flavor to it, although it is not French.  See the next photo for details of the frame.

I love collections of religious items.  Reproduced Santos heads keep watch over antique Missels, Bibles and rosaries.  The silver hand is an antique ex voto from Italy, but found in Paris.  The tiara has an Eiffel Tower in rhinestones.

Here is a vertical globe de maree.  It still has the delicate wax flowers.

This silk child’s dress form is from Paris and is one of my favorite items.  You should have seen the reactions of the TSA officers when I put this item through the security x-ray machine.  The hat is American.

So that is my Urban French look at home.  I have great items from France for sale at American Harvest.  There are wonderful religious items, sterling silver purses, garden accents and so much more.  If you haven’t been to American Harvest in the last month, you are missing out on a great selection of antiques, gifts, jewelry, perfumes and home decor.  We hope to see you soon!




The 16th Annual Christmas Open House at American Harvest will be this Saturday, November 3, 2012, from 10am to 5pm. We have wonderful dolls by Nicol Sayre, great original creations by Wendy Addison and lovely holiday decorations by Susan Arnot. In addition, Sharon has shopped like crazy to find the best vintage Christmas decorations for your home. “YULE” love the French antiques, vintage toys and all of the holiday gift ideas we have in store for you.

So our three little elves have been working day and night to bring you a store full of the best Christmas ideas ever gathered at American Harvest. Our theme this year is “Home for Christmas”, and we hope that you come home to American Harvest for our exciting Christmas Open House.


The other day at American Harvest, Russ and Natalie from Sugarie Bake Shop came in to visit us.  They brought us several boxes of their incredible macarons.  These are the best macarons we have ever tasted!  Please click on the link Sugarie to visit their website!

Pictured above are boxes of Sugarie’s French Macarons while two of Debbee Thibault’s figures stand guard.  Don’t forget that Debbee Thiabult will be at American Harvest this Saturday, May 5th from 10am to 5pm with 25 incredible one-of-a-kind creations!