Have you started your Christmas decorating?  Because I am working so many hours at American Harvest, I stay up late and/or get up very early to decorate my home for Christmas.  Rodger and I began decorating the tree on Thanksgiving morning and just finished it last night!   More decorating will continue throughout the house, as I find time!  Let me know how your decorating is going.


Antique candy jars filled to the brim with vintage Christmas ornaments.


My addiction to antique bottle brush trees continues to grow….I just cannot get enough of these treasures.  This forest of trees is on my family room mantle.



I loved this book when I was a little girl….Mom read it to me often.


We bought these ornaments the first year we were married.  They are now considered vintage…..OH MY!


This sentimental ornament was crocheted by my Grandma Donnie when I was a little girl.  She lived to be 94 and we still talk about the incredible Christmas cookies that she baked for us every year.   


My youngest son, Jeremy made this ornament for us in pre-school.  Talent abounds in our family!


Not to be outdone by his younger brother, Noel created this lovely ornament in Sunday School.


My newest addition to our tree is this fabulous cone that was made and given to me by Lidy Baars on the day we met this past October.


Nicol Sayre‘s incredible angel watches over the Christmas festivities at our home.  She graces our hearth all year long. 


  1. Alice says:

    Just beautiful! I have completed my decorating with the help of my visiting daughter. It was wonderful to have her at home. I’m now enjoying the rewards of a nicely decorated house. I love what you’ve done with the jars and pink ornaments, as well as your bottle brush trees. Now, I think I have a new item to start collecting.

  2. Oh I love everything. Denise

  3. Pam says:

    Everything is so pretty! Love the trees! And the ornaments and the old kid ornaments.Those are my favorite. I love all the pretty theme trees but I can’t give up using my handmade things. Happy holidays. xo

  4. Kristen R says:

    It is so lovely! I love the handmade ornaments from the kids Christmas truly is about the treaured moments old and new.

  5. WOW!!!!! It looks beautiful….

  6. Nancy says:

    Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your
    pictures. Especially love the mantel
    with trees and Nicol’s angel!!!

  7. I adore your Christmas decorations, and especially the little forest on your mantel. Gorgeous.

  8. Oh, your decorations are beautiful, I love
    your brush trees, I too am addicted to them. I
    don’t have quite as many as you though. Thanks
    for sharing all your beautiful decorations.
    I love Nicols Angel too. Pinkie Denise

  9. Well, your decorating appears to be incomparable! Mine is done. My 1888 house will be on a Christmas parlor tour on December 15, so I had to get it done because I have so much else going on. I agree with Alice on those jars and pink ornaments, and Denise regarding the bottle brush trees. I love them all!

  10. connie says:

    i really love those trees with that
    ART above it Sharon, yummy color.

  11. A big YES to the bottle brush trees. The sentimental offerings from friends and family are what Christmas trees are all about. I have many creations by my daughter and my first-year married ornaments were blown out eggs that I hand-painted to look like watermelons and other fruits and vegetables. I still have a few. Your home looks very warm and inviting.

  12. Oh Sharon…What fabulous decor you have!
    I especially love the ones made by family, they’re priceless!
    Happy Holidays…

  13. Mosaic Queen says:

    Egad! I must get busy and get my decorations up! I’m behind….as usual.
    Your decorating is, of course, FABULOUS as ever!

  14. Just had to tell you how I enjoyed my first visit to your blog. Your home is beautiful. How lucky you are to be able to have such a tall tree. The Littlest Angel book brought back memories of my childhood too. I can still recall feeling so sorry for that little angel in heaven with all the adult angel! I just started my own blog so I am going to add your to my list of blogs I visit.

  15. Joy says:

    Such Lovely things! Always have to take a peak! ~Joy~

  16. deb says:

    Oh my goodness. Everything is just so beautiful and festive!

  17. Melissa says:

    Your antique glass jars are sensational!!! A splendidly inspiring tour.

  18. paige says:

    everything looks just magical.
    i love your wonderful collection of trees too!

  19. It looks absolutely stunning! And Nicol’s angel on the top, she is the best! Thanks for hanging my little cone amongst your family treasures, too!
    I hope you and your sweet one are taking lots of time to relax, and enjoy it all, despite being so incredibly busy!
    xo Lidy

  20. karla nathan says:

    You have some wonderful Christmas decor, but the pink bottle brush tree stands out for me!

  21. Rachael says:

    Ohhh Your tree is marvelous~ SO beautiful! And I really love all your little bottle brush trees on the mantle~ theyre my favorite! Happy Holidays!

  22. Jennifer says:

    Love the apothocary jars – my friend collects them too – when they weren’t pricey -lucky her! I have a sea theme in my home so I use the colors of pale blues, silvers, pale lime greens, sea glass, fishing floats balls, spheres, star fish and shells in mine. jennsthreegraces – you can google my bog :) Jenn

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