I grew up surrounded by art…



I can never remember a time in my life when our home was not filled with sketch books, brushes, easels, watercolor paper, and the smell of oil paint on canvas.


You see, my mother is a painter, a watercolorist…an artist.


As a little girl, my mom was confined to her bed with a long illness.  In those days, what was a kid to do?  There were no videos, no X-boxes, barely TV! 


Her love of drawing and art began with pencil and paper.


I remember as a child proudly showing my mom a picture I had "colored" in school.  She was always encouraging to me, but also added, "Sharon, you know the sky can be yellow or pink or gray or even purple."


"The sky isn’t always blue."


This statement expanded my world of creativity and opened my thought process to "think outside the box".


I always knew my mom had a special talent.


None of my friends’ moms were featured at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, gallery openings, art exhibits in New York City or one-woman-shows.  Their moms didn’t have piles of blue ribbons haphazardly pinned to a bulletin board shoved in the corner of an art studio.


My mom’s circle of friends included potters, abstract painters, metal sculptors, batik artists, oil painters, and other watercolorists.


Today, new friends that have come into her life, all share the same passion for art.


I am so fortunate to have a career where I continue to be surrounded by incredible art in a variety of forms.  American Harvest continues to search out new talented artists to showcase in our shop.


At American Harvest, our "family" includes paper mache artists, doll artists, jewelry sculptors, mixed media and collage artists.


Thanks Mom for opening my eyes to the world of art and for reminding me that the sky isn’t limited to blue.  Happy Mother’s Day!

(Please do not copy or reproduce any of the art work shown in this post.  All of my mother’s paintings are copyrighted and cannot be used without her written permission.  Thank you.)

8 Responses to “THE SKY ISN’T ALWAYS BLUE”

  1. what a beautiful tribute to your Mother, Sharon.
    Her paintings are very beautiful,too.
    I see where your beauty comes from, inside and out.
    happy mother’s day,

  2. What a wonderful blog post about your mom! She is one talented lady (and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here…) and it was great to see her work! You two girls sure look alike! Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

  3. Donna O. says:

    Oh Sharon- you’ve spoken about your mom so many times to me- It’s great to see you two together. You both look lovely, really lovely. And your mom’s work is just stunning. I love the sketches and her use of color-just beautiful.
    I hope when I wake up in the morning that the sky is yellow with a hint of lavender.
    Please tell her I thinks she’s got the color world by the tail!
    PS- Happy Mother’s day to you both.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day to you. I hope you have a wonderful day..

  5. rochambeau says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Happy Mother’s day to your very talented mother and Happy Mother’s day to her very talented daughter! I like what your mom says about the sky. It’s true!
    Thinking happy thoughts for you,

  6. Diane Duda says:

    What a talented mom and what a touching post.
    Happy MOther’s DAy to you both!

  7. Your mother’s paintings are incredible and beautiful as is she. I am so honored that some of my art has graced your wonderful shop. You are an American treasure, Sharon.

  8. Colleen says:

    What a talent…and your momma is gorgeous. What a lucky lady you are to have this woman in your life. Hope you both had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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